My first home buying experience was exhausting. What was supposed to be an exciting activity turned out to be more of a burden. This experience taught me the lesson of being prepared and well informed.I have been a Top Producer in my previous company for the past 10 years, which has led me to focus on finding the right product and service for my clients’ needs and wants.

I understand the complexity of buying Real Estate in the City of Toronto. As a first time buyer, you may not know where to begin. You must do your research on mortgage rates; whether it’s potentially increasing or decreasing. Should you lock in with variable or fixed? At the same time, you would also be dealing with sales offices, real estate agents; some good and some bad. With my vast knowledge in excellent customer service, accounting, and skilled negotiations, I understand purchasing a property is one of the most emotional decisions you will ever make. I am committed to be your coach and mentor; guiding you through the journey of purchasing your home.Having a good realtor is the key in making sure your time is not wasted. I want to ensure all my clients will have an excellent experience from beginning to the end of their real estate purchase.

As a home owner, I have lived across the city from the west end to downtown Toronto and now midtown Toronto. My wife and I have purchased our new home together and the process was difficult and tiring for us.  Keeping this in mind, I now understand the complexity and can share the knowledge with you along your journey.

If your a first-time buyer or a buyer looking to move up or down, I can provide you with passionate and expert advice for all of your buying thought process. I will do my best to help you find your dream home and make it fun and exciting! 

    Zillow 5 Star Review  We wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help and connecting us with the landlords! This experience has really gone beyond our expectations of working with a realtor vs doing it on our own. We will highly be recommending you to all of our friends and family who are in the market for a new home and you can be assured that we will be in contact with you when we are ready to purchase a home of our own in the near future! :)

    September 14, 2020

    Zillow 5 Star Review  I would give Michael more than a 5 star review. Michael’s support and outstanding service throughout our whole process has been amazing. Michael is knowledgeable, always takes the time to explain any questions you would have. He is also very punctual, responsive, a very hard working and caring person. Ask him for any advice and you will get genuine answers, he gave particular attention to our needs and acted accordingly. If you are reading this review, look no further, you would be in good hands. In these times when everyone is busy, including him, he still keeps checking in from time to time, throughout the whole buying and even the selling process to provide us with updates and answer any questions we have. From now on and in the future, I would definitely reach out to Michael for any realtor related needs, he is my go to person. Thanks for everything Michael!

    chung daniel789
    June 28, 2023

    Zillow 5 Star Review  Michael is one of the most hard working, professional and knowledgeable agents I have ever worked with. If you're lucky enough to get him, congratulations, cause he's going to make your life a lot easier. Michael, thank you so much for all your amazing work.

    November 8, 2020




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